Jeremy Vaartjes

Christian, Web & App Developer, University Student.

Hi, my name is Jeremy and I'm from Wollongong Australia. I'm a passionate Christian that wants to see the world impacted by Jesus Christ. I believe in what the Christian Bible has to say about this world is true: that we are all sinners that reject God and that we deserve God's just punishment. But that God sent his son, Jesus, to save us, by dying to pay for the punishment we deserved and that he rose from the dead to show that he has conquered death and calls us to be his disciples. Jesus gives us new life by Grace (a gift we don't deserve) and we are saved only by accepting this gift, by making him the ruler of our lives.

I also love to play with technology. In my spare time I like to program and drink lots of good coffee! You can find some of my creations on this page. Technology is such a great way to change the way we live, and I want to play a part in that.

Ever since I was young (12 years old), I was programming. I have good experience in many forms of web-based programming and in low level programming.

I'd love to chat. You can find my email and socials at the end of the page.


I'm working with two other guys to create our own startup. This startup aims to create a network of intelligent charging platforms for drones. We are currently looking for some initial funding and someone who is interested in mentoring us. If you are interested, shoot me an email at

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I'm currently studying at the University of Wollongong. I'm in my final year of studying mechatronics engineering and computer science.

Christ Podcasting

I've started up a small podcasting network with a focus of serving up Christian podcasts. At the moment there are 3 podcasts that are being hosted on the service.

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Christ Podcasting

elementary Apps

When I have some spare time I like to work on some elementary OS apps. I've currently got 3 apps published on appcenter. elementary OS pushes a pay-what-you-want model, to encourage users to pay developers but also gives the freedom to pay what you are able. My apps' source code can be found on my GitHub account.

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A comment header generator.

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Test your API against some data.

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Keep tabs on your subscriptions.


The Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong is the church that I belong to. This is a protestant church that has it roots in the reformation in the Netherlands. I help the church in many ways and am a core member of this church. Feel free to visit if you are in Wollongong, we love to see visitors!

Uni Bible Group

The Uni Bible Group is the Christian group at the University of Wollongong. It is part of a wider organisation called AFES. During my time at uni I have been regularly volunteering within the group. During 2016 and 2017 I was in the Treasurer position, so I had some extensive experience running finances for a large group and being a leader within a group. I continue to help with IT jobs like maintaining the website.

Moore College

In 2017 I did two contract jobs for Moore college to turn some of their distance education course work from Microsoft Word documents into web pages for their CMS.


Roomlytics was a uni project that I worked on as part of my 3rd year computer science project subject in 2018. This project is currently not being actively worked on.

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Simpl. Agency

Simpl. Agency was a branding agency I used to work at in 2016. I was the company's web developer. This involved creating Wordpress websites for clients that needed it and maintaining existing websites from past clients.







My Current Bean

The coffee beans I am currently using are Maverick by Delano Coffee.

Favourite Podcasts

The podcasts that I am really enjoying at the moment are ATP, The Village Church Sermons, Playing for Fun, Cortex, Thoroughly Considered, Hackable, The Vergecast and Simply elementary.