While I was on my university Summer break from December 2018 to February 2019, me and two friends worked on developing a startup called DroneNest. This was part of a program that the university ran that allowed students to do this as a replacement for professional experience. DroneNest aimed to be an intelligent drone charging platform network. I worked on a variety of different areas including software development, managing the team’s sechdule, interviewing potential customers, finance planning, customer value analysis, product design and testing.

Moore College

From May to July of 2017 I helped out Moore College to convert some of their existing course material from Microsoft Word documents into HTML documents that were suited for their CMS system. I worked externally as a contractor / sole trader.

Simpl. Agency

Simpl. Agency was a branding agency I used to work for over June 2016 till January 2017. I was the company’s web developer. This involved creating Wordpress websites for clients that needed it and maintaining existing websites from past clients.

University of Wollongong

From 2014 to 2019 I was studying a double bachelor degree in the areas of engineering (mechatronics) and computer science. I was awarded Honours Class II Division 1 for engineering and a degree with Distinction for computer science.


Roomlytics was a university project that I worked on over 2018. It was a project that aimed at building a sensor network for a multisensory room used for people with Autism. The project would allow staff to see how the room was being used in a privacy focused way to ensure that the money being invested would be useful to their clients.

University Clubs

While at university I was involved mostly in two different clubs, the Mechatronics Society and the Uni Bible Group. My main involvment was in the latter.

For most of my six years of university I have been volunteering for the Uni Bible Group. This has ranged from helping out with running the Powerpoints for the main bible talks, managing the group’s podcast and helping out at conferences and in small groups. During 2016 and 2017 I was also the group’s Treasurer which involved running the group’s finances (which with the scale of some of our events was actually a big deal) and working with the Executive team to manage the group’s direction.

Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong

Ever since I was born (up to 2020) I have been going to the Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong. This is a protestant church that has it roots in the reformation in the Netherlands. While at this church, I have had a large role in helping out with tech and being a leader in groups like Youth Group and Bible Studies.